Colour and Nurture Your Hair

A lot of us like to experiment with our hair. Be it a funky haircut or colour – if we like it, we go for it! It is time to revamp your natural hair colour, if you are tired of flaunting it for years. Colouring the hair can be exciting. A lot of us love toying with the idea of colouring our hair. However, if you give it a second thought, you might worry about how to colour and nurture your hair, concerning any damage that might be caused.

Most of us think that colouring damages the quality of the hair. It is partly true, since any chemical substance applied to your hair that alters the structure and colour is likely to cause damage. However, the damage can be minimised and treated if proper care is taken post colouring. To make this easy for you, we have listed below some tips that you can swear by to maintain the natural health of the hair.

"I can nourish my hair & maintain a hair colour!? That's amazing!"
“I can nourish my hair & maintain a hair colour!? That’s amazing!”

Prep your hair

If you are planning to opt for a hair colouring treatment, make sure you prepare the hair many months in advance. Make sure that your hair is hydrated and well-nourished. Get regular hair spa treatments done at least once in two months. Apart from this, avoid using heating tools and get regular trims to maintain the natural health. Another simple yet effective tip is to get regular head massages to keep the hair shafts from damaging, post colouring.

Regular hair spa treatment to prep your hair before colouring

Use a quality hair colour

Since you would be treating your hair with chemicals, it is important to use quality products to be safe. These products will not only minimise the damage, but will also provide long-lasting, rich results. Also, ask your stylist to use conditioning hair colours. These hair colours are infused with natural oils that help in retaining moisture, and make the hair look healthy and shiny. It is also recommended to use an ammonia-free hair colour.

Use Quality Hair Colour products to colour and nurture your hair

Wait before you shampoo

After colouring the hair, wait for at least two days before washing them again. This will give the colour plenty of time to set in, thus minimising colour bleeding. You can also oil the hair prior to washing it, since the oil will form a protective shield around the hair shaft and minimise fading.

Wait for two days before shampooing your coloured hair

Get the right colour-protecting products

Invest in some good quality colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners. Freshly coloured hair is susceptible to damage and bleeding. Hence, it is advisable to use colour-protecting products right from the first wash. You can also opt for a sulphate-free shampoo. These shampoos do not leave deposits and will not strip away the natural oils from the hair.

Good quality colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners save your hair from damage and colour bleeding

Cut down on washes

You may experience colour bleeding when you wash the hair often. Hence, it is recommended to cut down on hair washes. This will make the colour last long, and at the same time preserve the natural oils from the scalp that nourish the hair.

Cut down on hair washes to make the colour last longer

Conditioning is the key

After shampooing the hair, don’t forget to apply a conditioner. Using a colour-protecting conditioner will not only hold the colour in place, but will also make your hair look shinier. If you have fine hair, just condition the tips.

You can also use leave-in conditioners that contain silicones for minimising sun damage and eliminating frizz. These conditioners also protect the hair from the damage caused due to heat styling tools.

Use colour-protecting conditioners to make your hair look shinier

Go for hair treatments

To pamper your colour-treated locks and provide extra care, opt for a hair spa or deep conditioning treatment. You will find a wide variety of conditioning treatments in salons that prove extremely effective in maintaining the overall health of coloured hair.

Go for a hair spa or deep conditioning treatment to improve the health of your hair

Hot oil treatment

Treat your coloured hair to a relaxing hot oil massage once every week. This treatment will add sheen and lustre to the hair, while keeping it hydrated for a long time. The hot oil will penetrate deep into the roots and provide the proper nourishment to the hair and scalp.

Treat your coloured hair to a relaxing hot oil massage once every week

Colouring hair will indeed add to your beauty, but at the same time can cause damage. However with proper care, you can still maintain the natural health of the hair while flaunting the colour. Keep these tips in mind and don’t think twice before giving your hair the flair of colourful shades!

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