Don’t Step Out, Step Up to AtHome Salon

Monsoons are the perfect time to be self-indulgent. The smell of petrichor after the first rains makes you want to curl up at home with a piping hot cup of tea and a plate of mouth-watering fritters. Going out is out of question, as the steady pitter-patter of raindrops gently lulls you to sleep. But you’re brought back to reality with a jolt as you remember a long overdue appointment for a facial at the salon. Ugh! Just the thought of getting drenched, facing heavy traffic, and wading through muddy waters is enough to make anyone cancel the appointment! Instead of avoiding the salon and damaging your skin, how about just requesting an AtHome salon service – it is super-convenient! Not convinced? Let’s see if these reasons change your mind:

Why go out to salons in monsoons when you can bring the salon home with AtHomeDiva!
Why go out to salons in monsoons when you can bring the salon home with AtHomeDiva!

No More Waiting Around

A visit to the salon involves a lot of waiting around, especially if you count the time taken to reach the place. Even if you’ve made a prior appointment, you’ll have to find a way to kill time at the salon on a busy day. And God forbid if you’re late; beauty professionals at salons do not think twice before giving away your slot to someone else! So don’t waste time waiting; schedule a facial treatment at home for quick and timely service.

No More Waiting for a Facial Treatment

Cosy and Comfy

No matter how cosy a salon looks, nothing beats the comfort of your own home. You can dress however you like (hello, sweats!), play your favourite songs, and best of all, you don’t have to listen to the nonstop chatter of other beauticians and clients! And isn’t it a pity that you have to trudge back home in the muddy rains right after a soothing facial? Imagine how many impurities can get into your freshly cleansed pores! With a home facial treatment, you can make the most of it by falling into deep sleep right after your session.

Get a AtHome Salon beauty treatment at home - cosy & comfy!

Enjoy the Limelight

Even if you’re a regular customer at your salon, it is difficult for the beauticians to give you their undivided attention. They are under pressure to complete each treatment as soon as possible and move on to the next client. It is only when they’re away from the bustle of the salon that facial therapists can focus on giving you a first-rate experience. You just have to lie back and relax while the professional works wonders on your skin.

Enjoy the limelight of being the only client when AtHomeDiva visits you for a service!

Save More

Salons are quite expensive, as they have to take care of overhead costs such as rent, maintenance of the equipment, electricity, and staff salaries. As home salon services have low operating costs, their facials are more competitively priced. Whether you want a VLCC facial, whitening facial at home, acne facial, facial for oily skin, or a back facial, you are sure to find a pocket-friendly one. What’s more, since a facial service at home is cheaper, you’ll be able to have regular monthly sessions instead of going to the salon just once in a blue moon.

Save more - opt for regular monthly services instead of going to the spa once in a blue moon with expert, but cheaper services!

Fun with Friends

Don’t you wish that you could visit the salon with your buddies instead of being surrounded by inquisitive strangers? Not to mention that you have to face your regular “parlour aunty” who looks at every out-of-place strand of hair with disapproval and freely comments on your lacklustre skin. Instead, you can catch up with your besties and have a good time while enjoying a facial at home!

Relax with your friends - take a beauty treatment while having a fun time with your buddies!

Pampering your skin and getting a beautiful glow this monsoon does not have to wear you down! Book with trusted and reliable facial service providers such as India’s leading At-home salon professionals – AtHomeDiva!

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