How Waxing helps Maintain Good Skin During Summer


Summers are always tough on the skin, particularly due to the harsh sunlight and excessive humidity. It does take a toll on the quality of one’s skin, particularly in terms of moisture levels and overall luster.

However, waxing is a good bet when it comes to maintaining good skin throughout scorching summers. There are several advantages worth noting in this regard.

Exfoliating Effect


Waxing in summers will ensure a particular effect which is akin to exfoliation. You will notice that your skin seems softer and smoother than before. Once wax is used on the skin, it will dry up and attract dead skin. When the strip is pulled off, it removes dead skin as well. Always use moisturizer after waxing for getting silky smooth skin.

Slow Hair Re-Growth


Waxing has another major advantage, i.e. it slows down re-growth of hair from the area of removal. Hair will be pulled from its roots when you wax. As a result, the hair follicles have to reproduce for new hair to grow again. This naturally ensures a slower re-growth process and you will not have to wax multiple times.

Thinner & Finer Re-Growth

In some situations, hair follicles may stop growing again after waxing. There may be a lower amount of hair than usual. The re-grown hair may also be finer/thinner.

Why Shaving does not work


Shaving, according to skin care experts, may end up irritating the skin in summers. It can also lead to little nicks and cuts which are not desirable at all. Shaving may also contribute towards growing hyper pigmentation just beneath the underarms and bikini line. This may also lead to rougher skin and unsightly hair growth.

After a point of time, waxing will naturally help you obtain smoother skin, particularly in summers where the blistering heat is too much to bear otherwise. You can get great results from a waxing session in summer. You should ideally shower beforehand. Waxing always keeps your skin beautiful and clean and the removed hair takes more time to grow back. This makes it the best skin maintenance solution for summers.

Shaving, on the other hand, may sometimes be a more convenient option for body portions like the legs for instance. Most women will naturally use their razors in this case. However, in summers, waxing will lead to smoother and more beautiful legs as compared to shaving. Avoid any possibilities of unruly and faster hair growth and little cuts or scratches through waxing.


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