How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair


Ingrown hair is the one which naturally curls back and develops in case of all individuals at some stage in their lives. If one shaves frequently, there are higher possibilities these sprouting up.

If you are wondering how to remove ingrown hair, there are several steps that you can try out in this regard.

Using a sharp device


You can remove ingrown hair with a rotatable medical device/tweezers/sterile needle. First use a warm compress for bringing the hair up to the surface where you lightly cut it out. In case tweezers are being used, make sure that you get a pair with pointy-tips which will not damage the surrounding skin.

Moisturizing soap and warm water


You should start out by using an antiseptic to prevent infections. You can apply this daily solution of warm water and moisturizing soap to the area surrounding the ingrown hair. This may help in getting the hair to budge in a few days and you may be able to remove it.

Moist & Warm Compress


First wet any soft washcloth by using hot water, wring it neatly and keep it pressed against the ingrown hair. When it starts cooling down, use hot water again. This treatment will bring the hair up to the surface. Usually, 10-15 minutes are all it takes to accomplish this task.

Egg Membranes


You have to first remove the membrane from within the eggshell and then use this for covering the area where you have the ingrown hair. Let this dry out completely and then gently pull it off. The ingrown hair will be swiftly brought to the surface as a result.

Acne based medication


You might consider using acne medication which is comprised of benzoyl peroxide or even salicylic acid periodically for some days at a stretch. This treatment may help in removing the ingrown hair when you combine it with exfoliation.

Bread and Warm Milk Compress


You have to first heat up a portion of milk. Make sure that it is not excessively heated. Dip some bread in it and put it on the ingrown hair portion. Leave it on and take it off when you feel cool. This should take around a couple of minutes. Repeat the procedure and hold the same for approximately 10 minutes.

Use a needle gently to pull the hair up. In case you cannot see any opening, repeat the treatment procedure.



You can gently scrub the ingrown hair twice each day. This will help in getting rid of any dirt, dead skin cells or oils that may be keeping it blocked. This can also get the hair tip out of the skin at times. You should scrub in several directions. Make use of a suitable brush or exfoliating glove. You should be gentle and keep exfoliating for a longer period of time.

These are some of the tips that you can use for getting rid of ingrown hair without any hassles.

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