How to Protect Dry Hair from Sun Damage


While summers may seem enticing with their brightness and bonhomie, it is equally important to remember that harsh sunlight may be harmful for hair, particularly for those who suffer from excessive dryness. Many people will agree that in summers, their perfectly healthy hair suddenly turns dry, lifeless and limp. This is because excessive sunlight, dust, sweat and high humidity levels combine to increase dryness, frizziness, dandruff, split ends and hair fall.

The sun dries hair faster than you know along with leading to possible sunburn and dryness of the scalp as well. In fact, hair can also get burnt due to the hot sun and may turn a little brownish in texture. Colored hair may also start fading in case one stays outdoors for long periods of time. However, there are a few ways by which you can protect dry hair from sun damage.

Steer clear of multiple cosmetic products


Your hair will already be dried extensively by the sun and hence you should refrain from any chemical and cosmetic treatments at this time. Do not opt for extensive coloring. Stick to tried and tested formulas without using multiple hair care products. In case you wish to color your hair, you should ideally do this at least 1-2 months prior to the summer heat intensifying.

Regular Conditioning


You should always aim to infuse more moisture into your hair. Use a rinse-out conditioner on a periodic basis that is suitable for your hair type.

Shampoo and Washes


You should refrain from shampooing each day. Choose a milder shampoo and use it only for the scalp. While you’re washing your hair, it will be cleaned up with the suds being rinsed down.

Swim with caution


If you love hitting the swimming pool frequently, do not use shampoo beforehand. Once you have taken a shower after swimming, use shampoo which has ethylene tetra-acetic acid. This will combat the impact of chlorine which may have been present in the water.

Bypass Extra Heating


Do not use blow dryers or curlers. Avoid this extra heat and if needed, you can wash your hair a little earlier and let it dry naturally.

Sunscreen Works


You can consider using a conditioner (leave-in) with sunscreen that has SPF. This will help protect your hair from the sun even if you are outdoors for extended time periods. You can also choose hair masks or other products that are suitable. However, make sure to wash your hair once you return home.

Controlling Frizziness


The sun may make your hair frizzy due to extra dryness. Control this frizziness by tying your hair. Switch between ponytails, braids, knots and buns in summer.

Now that you know about some handy techniques to safeguard your dry hair from sun damage, you can certainly keep your hair well-maintained this summer.


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