Summer Tips for Sensitive Skin


If you have sensitive skin, you probably are aware of all the challenges you face while protecting it from the pollution, weather and sun. As it is, taking proper care of sensitive skin is a task and this becomes all the more critical during summer. Summer is not really a good friend of your skin, especially if you don’t take the necessary measures.

The harsh rays of the sun affect people with sensitive skin the most. As soon as you step in the sun, your skin will start to turn red and may even get itchy. This is followed by the peeling stage where you have to go through a lot of pain. In order to avoid this from happening, giving the necessary attention to your sensitive skin is very important. To make this easy for you, we have listed below some simple tips that work great in taking care of your sensitive skin.

Washing and cleansing regularly


Washing the face at regular intervals is the key to keep your skin healthy. The heat and humidity during summers will result into excessive sweating, dirt and grime. If not washed at regular intervals, the dirt and sweat will start accumulating on the skin.

Regular cleansing is a great practice for maintaining a healthy glow. You will find mild cleansers in the market that are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Use homemade packs


Nothing works better than home remedies when it comes to sensitive skin. However, it is extremely important to know which ingredients will suit the skin. As compared to chemical based products, home remedies have a lesser chance of having a negative effect on the skin.

Nowadays, you will find a wide variety of homemade packs in the market. If you don’t wish to opt for one of these, you can always make a pack with ingredients from your kitchen. Select the ingredients that will provide protection from the harsh sun while soothing your skin.

Indulge in a fruity treat


One of the top ways to pamper your sensitive skin during summer is to treat it with fruits. You can easily make fruit packs at home. These will cool your face and keep it defended from any skin problem.

Protection from the sun


Sun can do a lot of damage to your sensitive skin. Hence, it is very important to stock up on hats, scarves, visors and more before the arrival of summer. Make sure you cover up all the sensitive areas of your skin before stepping out in the sun.

Wear sunscreen


Pamper your skin with sunscreen during summer. Regardless of the season, sunscreen is one of the most important skincare essentials. Apply sunscreen to all the exposed areas of the skin in order to avoid redness, itching and tan.

Use a mild exfoliator 


Considering your skin is sensitive, using a mild scrub for exfoliation is advisable. Use a scrub that is not too harsh, but will help in getting rid of the dead skin. You can also make a homemade scrub using oatmeal.

Simply pat dry


Assuming that you would be washing your face at regular intervals during summer, it is recommended to use a soft towel for drying. You can also pat dry the skin instead of using the towel. This will keep the skin from breaking.

Rinse with milk


This home remedy will work wonders for your sensitive skin. Rinsing the face with milk every night before going to bed will help in getting rid of blemishes, treating your skin with the care it requires.

Pamper the skin with honey


Applying a honey pack at least once a week will add natural radiance to your skin. Being one of the most delicate ingredients, honey can be used to achieve an instant glow.

Well, now you aware of all the necessary tips to follow for protecting and pampering your sensitive skin during summer. You no longer have to think twice before stepping out in the sun if you follow these religiously. Wait no more, and put these tips to action and see the results for yourself!

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