How to Keep Your Make Up Fresh on Humid Days

Hot and humid weather, especially in tropical areas, is indeed a potential threat to the longevity of your skillfully done make-up, which works like a magic-wand in creating your picture-perfect face. That soft, peachy look you created in the morning may leave you in dismay as you glance at your reflection in the mirror at noon. Want your makeup to endure the test of time? Whether on a long working day, an outing, or a ceremony – your makeup is sure to stay intact if you follow some simple tips we list out for you.

Prep-up the skin:
Thorough cleansing with an oil-control face wash helps in effective removal of dirt, salts, and grub and makes the skin more receptive to make-up. A soft ice massage helps prep up the skin for a long-lasting, flawless make-up. Always start with a light-tinted moisturizer that contains SPF, before you start adding layers of other products.

Prep Up Your Skin


Primer is primary:
If you are among those who belittle the primer, then it is high time you include it in your makeup kit. It takes barely a few seconds to apply the primer after moisturizing the facial skin and is efficient in holding the foundation, enhancing coverage and keeping it in place for long hours. The T-zone, which is the most prone to oil secretion requires it most. Matte primers that give a natural finish are just right to beat the heat and humidity.

Face Primer


Right foundation and base:
A liquid foundation is a sure bet in humid weather, as it can remain well merged with your skin even in the rarest case of excessive sweating. Moreover, the base does not get cakey or cracked, as with the creamy ones. Apply just a thin layer of foundation and let concealers (only in stick form) do the correction part. Use a compact powder for a final touch-up, but avoid too much, as it tends to get piled up with the passage of time and humidity, revealing fine lines and other anomalies. If you are running short of time (or want to keep it simple), then a BB or CC cream is a one-step, sure-shot hit to a flawless base that won’t melt down so easily.

Right Foundation and Base


Water-proof is foolproof:
Obviously, no one wants their eyeliner or kohl spilling all over the face due to sweat and perspiration. A waterproof eyeliner, mascara and Kohl will let you flaunt away your winged liners and smoky eyes without the least of concerns. Eyeshadows used in powder form help control sweat production and stay on longer. A thin layer of eye primer allows the eyeshadow to spread evenly and prevents them from creasing on the fragile eye-lid skin while allowing them to last longer.

Water Proof is Foolproof


Lipstick tends to fade out easily if the upper lip area which is highly prone to sweating. Secure the lips by filling them up with a lip liner after lining the lips. Another tip to help the lipstick last longer is to apply a double coat of lipstick. Apply the first coat, then press a tissue paper between the lips to seal the lipstick and extract excess. Follow this with an application of a second coat and your lips are all set for the day. For an everyday look, a lip balm or soft lip colours are preferred more as compared to glossy and vibrant shades.

Glossy and Vibrant Shades


Get set with a spray:
Set your makeup with a setting spray to ensure it doesn’t budge from its place for another 16 hours. Simply spray it all over the face after preparing the base with foundation and concealer.

Makeup Setting Spray


Blotting paper- A must on the move:
Blotting paper is indispensable when it comes to dealing with trickles of sweat all over your face. Simply dabbing it softly all over will instantly absorb moisture and oil without makeup.

Use Blotting Papers


A wisely chosen makeup kit eases out your beauty goals while boosting up your confidence, be it heat, rain or sun. Treat yourself to fresh fruit juices (enjoy the seasonal ones) and drink adequate water all day long so that your well-hydrated skin emanates natural radiance. Perk up for the season and enjoy every bit life has to offer!

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