How to Find Out Perfect Foundation/Make-up Base for Your Skin Colour

The foundation, as the name implies, is indeed a foundation on which your entire make-up is built. A finely contoured jawline, peachy cheeks and well-defined eyes would be quite a setback if not laid on the right foundation. So, creating the right canvas calls for an impeccably chosen foundation or make-up base. Foundations may be cream based, powdery or liquid-based, matte or luminous and are available in such a wide range of textures and tones that choosing the right one becomes quite a cumbersome task, especially for beginners. Read on to know more about factors that should be considered to help you zero-in on the right foundation for your skin colour.

Know your skin shade:

The skin colour, as well as its undertone, are the key factors that decide the shade most suitable for your foundation. The skin complexion may be fair, medium or dark, while the undertones may be cool, warm or neutral. The best way to know your undertone is to analyse the colour of the veins on the underside of your wrist in natural light. People generally fall in one of the three categories:

• Bluish (or purple) veins imply cool undertones.
• Green (greenish-yellow) veins denote warm undertones.
• Bluish-green imply that you have neutral undertones.

Shades like rose, sable and porcelain are meant for cool undertones while caramel, chestnut, beige or golden make a good choice for warm undertones. One may opt for buff, nude, ivory or praline shades for neutral undertones.

Know Your Skin Shade


Know your skin type:

A skin may either be normal or sensitive. It may be oily, dry or a combination of both. Every skin type demands a particular type of foundation that may seamlessly merge with it and enhance its beauty.

• Oily skin demands a matte-finish, light foundation, preferably in powder form to prevent any blotchiness.
• Dry skin, on the other hand, calls for a creamy or liquid foundation that would hydrate it as well and impart a dewy finish.
• Combination skin works well with both – the powder as well creams or mousse foundation.
• Hypo-allergenic and scent-free foundation make the right choice if you have sensitive skin.
• An acne-prone skin generally has uneven complexion. This means it would be wise to invest in a full coverage foundation to effectively even out imperfections while revealing a dreamy-looking skin.

Know Your Skin Type

How to choose:

Once you are well-equipped with knowledge about your skin type and tone, you may go ahead and make your pick. The beauty expert at a departmental store would be of great help in making the right decision. Simply dab out swatches of at least two or three shades (a shade lighter and a shade darker) along the jawline and wait for about five minutes for the foundation to get absorbed by the skin and mix with facial oils. Carefully observe the swatches in natural light (fluorescent lights can never be trusted) and pick up the one that blends without any demarcation.


How to Choose the Right Foundation


It is always a good idea to choose a shade lighter than the skin colour as it blends evenly and at the same time hides minor imperfections. The skin colour tends to tan and becomes darker in summer but goes on the lighter side in winters. It is advisable to buy two shades and mix them in the right proportion to get the perfect match and flawless finish. Make the right choice and outshine from day to night.

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