Hair Spa: A Nourishment Dose for Lustrous Hair

When we feel stressed out or overwhelmed with life, most of us head to a spa or salon for a relaxing massage. However, what do we do when our hair looks dull and lifeless and begins to fall heavily? Most of us switch our shampoo for a seemingly better one and attempt to oil our hair once in a while. The best way to make sure your hair is well-nourished and healthy is by getting a hair spa done, be it at home or a salon. If you’re wondering whether your hair requires this treatment, then read on to find out.

Maintains Scalp Health

Healthy Scalp
A hair spa involves using steam and thoroughly washing the hair to remove impurities and deeply cleanse the scalp. This along with the vigorous oil massage helps promote better blood flow to the scalp, thus improving cell metabolism and revitalising it. Needless to say, a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Growth
As a hair spa stimulates the scalp and the roots of your hair, it assists in making your hair follicles stronger than ever. If you suffer from severe hair fall, breakage or split ends, you need to get a nourishing hair spa done. Regular hair spas encourage the growth of stronger, thicker, and healthier hair, thus increasing its overall volume and body.

Revives Dull Hair

Revives Dull Hair
The deep conditioning of your hair and scalp injects new life into dull hair. During a hair spa, oils and a deep conditioner are worked well into the roots, ensuring that your hair gets adequate nourishment and hydration. It rehydrates your hair and scalp without causing excess oiliness, resulting in bouncy and lustrous hair.

Fights Dandruff

Dandruff Treatment
If your embarrassing dandruff problem has been plaguing you for months due to the weather conditions or scalp problems, get a hair spa done. An itchy, dandruff-ridden scalp is a common problem people face, and spas have dedicated treatments to combat it effectively. Regularly getting a hair spa will help you eventually overcome your dandruff problem for good.

Tames Frizz

Tame Frizzy Hair
Unruly curls and flyaways are the banes of most women, and no amount of serums seems to solve the problem. The oil massage during a hair spa helps nourish your hair right from the roots to the tips. As the oil penetrates your hair and scalp, it prevents frizz and ensures silky, smooth hair.

Controls Oil Production

Controls Oil Production
An oily scalp leads to sticky hair, while a dry and itchy scalp causes lifeless-looking hair. To ensure that your hair is healthy and well-nourished, it is vital for your scalp to produce the right amount of oil. Over a period of time, regular hair spas assist in normalising the secretion of oil on your scalp to encourage the growth of hair that is just right – not too oily and not too dry.

Relieves Stress

Hair Spa Benefits
Next time your work or personal problems are overwhelming you, get a hair spa done. The massage, steaming session, and use of fragrant and beneficial oils will help you unwind and let go of your worries. Pamper yourself with a relaxing and pleasurable hair spa on a regular basis, and you will be able to stay calm even during stressful times.

Hair Spa at Home

If you’re too busy to visit a salon regularly, then try nurturing your hair with natural ingredients, right from the comfort of your home. You can use healthy and nourishing oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or almond oil to massage your scalp and gently work your way towards the tips of your hair. Combinations such as coconut oil with an egg, avocado oil with honey, a banana with olive oil, and milk with honey, help promote healthy, hydrated, and silky hair.

Hair Spa at Home With Natural Ingredients

Choose any of the above combinations or oils, massage it into your scalp and hair, and then steam your hair for 10-15 minutes by bending over a pot of lidded hot water and covering your hair and the pot with a towel. Alternatively, you can soak a towel in water, wring it out, microwave it until warm, and wrap it around your hair head. After steaming, wash your hair with a gentle sulphate-free shampoo for the best effect.

Just remember that whether you are getting a hair spa done at home or at a professional salon, you need to do it at least once or twice a week for thicker, stronger, and lustrous hair.

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