Makeup and Hairstyle Trends You Must Carry From 2017 to 2018

The year 2017 was a bold one when it came to experimenting with different kinds of makeup and hairstyles, and we wonder what’s in store for 2018. But just because the New Year is around the corner, it doesn’t mean that we completely throw out all the trends that ruled this year. So, as 2017 draws to a close, we decided to do a quick review of the year’s makeup and hairstyle trends, and decide which ones are worthy enough to carry on in 2018.

Best Makeup Trends:
Here are the best and worthiest makeup trends of 2017:

2017 Makeup Trends 2018

Line your Eyes
The classic black eyeliner is definitely a style that will always stay in vogue. Jazz up your look in 2018 by continuing to trace black liner around your eyes for a dramatic effect. You can create graphic shapes at different angles for a unique look.

Line Your Eyes

Glitz Up
Glitter was one of the highlights of 2017, what with the application of rhinestones and sequins on runways. Now it’s time for 2018 to take your glitzy look to a whole new level, with gold highlighters, glitter glosses, and even dazzling strands of hair. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, then use lash glue to apply sequins or dainty sparkling stones around your eyes.

Hair Dazzle Strands

Less is Still More
Minimalism started off in home d├ęcor and became a huge trend in other aspects of our lives, including makeup. If going completely makeup-free isn’t for you, then make use of sheer lipstick and nude makeup.

Nude Makeup

Keep Glowing
It’s not enough that you glitter; glowing is also a trend that will continue in 2018. To get glowing, you need to use a highlighter liberally for an ultra-highlighted look. Try out new styles using holographic pigments of shades such as violet.

Highlight Glowing Makeup

Stay Heavy on Metal
Metallic shades are versatile and look good with any outfit and at nearly every occasion. Get a metallic sheen with a metallic blush and eye shadow, or by applying clear gloss with holographic shimmer on your usual lipstick.

Metallic Makeup Look

Dramatic Lashes
The year 2017 saw a rise in the use of false eye lashes and layers of mascara, which will also look great in 2018. Retro lashes are now making a comeback, so make sure you get your hands on them.

Dramatic Lashes Mascara

Hairstyle Trends:
Check out the best hairstyle trends of 2017:

Hairstyle Trends

Dye Bold
One of the hottest hairstyle trends of 2017 was the use of bold neon colours and rainbow dyes, and we foresee that this trend will continue well into 2018. Go in for warm and rich colours such as honey or chocolate brown. If you’re planning to go blonde, then try a shade with a metallic tint.

Hottest Hairstyle Trends Of 2017

Minimalist Styles
Celebs are not only embracing minimalist makeup, but also hair. One of the most popular hairstyles now is a fuss-free blunt bob cut that requires little to no maintenance. If you’re ready for something new, then lop off your lovely locks right till your chin, and sport a trendy look.

Blunt Bob Haircut

Wispy Bangs
If you think bangs are high maintenance, then you haven’t paid attention in 2017. Shaggy bangs are now in vogue, thanks to their stress-free style. Rather than going in for a full fringe cut, try a more wispy style.

Wispy Bangs Hairstyle

Messy Hair
Messy and shaggy styles have been in fashion for quite a while, and they aren’t going anywhere in 2018! Requiring barely any maintenance, messy hair styles embrace your natural hair texture and give you an authentic look. So don’t straighten out your natural curls; let them fall freely and frame your pretty face.

Messy Hairstyle

Ponytails are in
Ponytails were big throughout 2017, and their casual yet chic style is what gives them entry into 2018. Air-dry your hair and pull back it back into a high ponytail for a fuss-free and easy style. To add a touch of glam to your style, use some glitzy accessories such as embellished clips or pretty hair bows.

Ponytails Hairstyle

Braids and Layers
For those who don’t like tampering with their hair length, braids, and layers are still very much in fashion. Layers are ideal for those with medium or long hair, and they can be cut to suit the shape of your face. If you’re looking to unleash your creative side, then try braiding your hair in different ways. Braids have a neat, all-round look, so try your hand at side-braid, French braid, cross braid, or the waterfall braid.

Layered Braid Hairstyle

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