Holiday Essentials-Beauty Products You Can’t Miss!

Visas being received and flights booked, your dream destination is just the travel away! As the excitement touches its peak with all the packing and last minute chores, make sure you don’t miss out on any essential beauty products. Whether you are heading to a breath-taking beach or the safari encompassing wilderness, a chic and enchanting look is of top priority for those picture-perfect memories.

So as to lighten the load, it is advisable to carry mini packs of beauty essentials that can be tossed into purses or satchels and also help you stay fabulous on the go. Bath essentials like soap, shampoo, body wash, and body scrub are provided by every hotel or resort. Yet if you simply can’t do without your favourite brands, they may be carried. In addition, a body lotion or moisturizer to keep the body skin prim and prime is a must. A deodorant keeps the fragrance lingering and keeps up the spirits. So, keep it handy.

Bath Essentials

The face, which is the most striking part, needs most of the attention right from cleansing, moisturizing to up-keeping and glamming. Innovative products that are travel-friendly are available over the counter so as to ease our travel. For example, a cleansing balm available in a stick form that can be simply twisted and used does away with those drips and leaks. A moisturizer, face scrub, and sunscreen need to be packed for routine care. Holidays give those ‘ME’ times when you can stretch back on a lounge with a face mask working its miracles and rejuvenating the skin. So, go for those face masks too. As you prep up for sight-seeing and shopping, the three-in-one stick that brings together a compact, foundation, and concealer is a blessing, for the face base. The mascara, eye-liner, kohl (preferably water-proof), and eye-shadow are fundamental for glamming up the eyes. For a night long camp-fire, a smoky-eye make-up is simply astounding. Lip and cheek shades may be carried in nude as well as fiery red hues to suit the occasion.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize

To tame the locks and set them right after beach time and sight-seeing, make sure to pack up a leave-in conditioner. Straighteners and curling irons come handy when you wish to don that pretty Hawaiian-maiden look as you stroll up the beach or laze away in the sun.

Straightening and Curling Irons

A mini manicure kit, though not essential, helps in keeping the nails on point. Tweezers help pluck out those popping-up out growths of unwanted hair here and there. A nail serum is a must to soften the nails and cuticles and make-up for the missed-out manicure sessions.

A hand and foot cream (of course the mini tube) keeps hands and feet soft and silky to touch and feel. An anti-crack cream for healing cracked soles comes in handy at night after the long trails and sight-seeing sessions.

Foot Creams

No matter whether you are out for a weekend or a fortnight these beauty products are simply things that you can’t give a miss, whether subject to weight restrictions or hand luggage limits. Surely you wouldn’t want to exchange the fun time with the hassle of running around buying necessities. Make the most of your vacation by packing it right. Enjoy the weather and bring yourself closer to nature as you flaunt away at your very best.

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