Favourite Things in Your Makeup Bag

The world of makeup is huge, and to choose the right products can be quite a task. Makeup differs from person to person. Some may like loud shades of blush and lipstick, while some may prefer neutral tones. The market is filled with products to suit both types of customers. In this case, you may often get confused while buying makeup products online, or even from the stores. To sort this out, we have listed below all the necessary products that you will need in your makeup bag.


One of the most important things your makeup bag needs is a good moisturiser. You can choose it according to your skin type. A moisturiser not only keeps you away from dryness or flaky skin, but also makes the skin supple and ready for applying makeup. Hence, it is advisable to have a tiny bottle or tube of moisturiser in your makeup bag.


Primer for Your Skin
Using a primer is extremely important before applying makeup. A primer holds your makeup in place and gives you long-lasting results. Primer acts as a base for applying foundation. Hence, it is very important to include a good quality primer to your makeup essentials kit.

Foundation and Concealer

These are a must-have in your makeup bag. A foundation helps to even out your skin tone, while the concealer helps in hiding spots or scars. If you have acne marks on your face, using a concealer is highly important. Make sure that your concealer is at least two shades lighter than your actual skin tone. Using a brightening concealer will not only conceal the spots, but will also highlight your complexion at the same time.

Foundation and Concealer Makeup

You can opt for a matte or a creamy foundation, depending on your preference. Just make sure that it is of a good quality. Also, don’t forget to buy a foundation brush for applying it evenly on your face and neck. To conclude, make sure your makeup bag has a foundation, a concealer, and a brush all the time.


Powder Beauty Box
It is a must-have in your clutch or purse for on-the-go application. Similarly, it is one of the prime products that you need to have in your makeup bag. A dusting of setting powder will make sure that your foundation lasts all day long. If you have an oily skin, don’t forget to sprinkle some as and when needed, to take away the shine.


Face Bronzer
Contouring helps in making your facial features sharper than ever. In this case, a bronzer comes in handy. You can also use it to simply add some colour to your face. It works well for all seasons and is a must-have in your makeup bag. If you want to avoid carrying your eyeshadow palette in your makeup bag, a bronzer can do the needful.

Eyeliner and Mascara

A simple black eyeliner can do wonders to your eyes. If you are someone who prefers to keep the makeup minimal, but still want to achieve the desired look, the eyeliner can be your go-to product. You will find eyeliners is a variety of shades starting from black, blue, green, grey, gold, silver, and more. So choose the one you like and add it to your makeup bag.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Mascara will give a dramatic twist to your overall look. You can opt for a black or a clear mascara. These days you even get a 2-in-1 eyeliner and mascara combo. This will save some space in your makeup bag.


A lipstick, in any form, will help in highlighting your overall look. Even for everyday office look, a simple lipstick goes a long way. Hence, it is one of the most important products for your makeup bag. Make sure you have a go-to shade of lipstick in your makeup bag for touch-ups or on-the-go application.

Eyebrow Powder or Pencil

Having a solid, filled-in brow looks extremely attractive. If you aren’t blessed with a thick eyebrow, you can opt for an eyebrow pencil. An eyebrow powder or pencil will help to fill in the gaps.

Eyebrow Powder or Pencil


Now that you know all the necessary makeup products for your vanity kit, go ahead and get them all. Just make sure that your makeup bag is big enough to accommodate all of them.

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