Air-dry Your Hair Like a Pro, Say Goodbye to Frizz

Tired of hot tools and an overload of products for the desired waves in your hair? Want to achieve frizz-free hair with salon-like perfection in the comfort of your home? Well, worry not! As unbelievable as it may sound, we list out some fun and hassle-free ways to get those much coveted natural looking curls and waves for you to flaunt.

The Trick Is in Drying

Cleansing Conditioner for Hair

Owing to pollution and a hectic lifestyle, you cannot give the shampoo a complete miss. However we recommend minimising the use to once or twice a week. Try a cleansing conditioner for removing grime and oil but to retain the moisture of your locks. Having said that, use a soft cloth or microfiber towel or a soft t-shirt (which ever works for you!) to gently remove excess water from the hair. This is one the most important things to keep in mind as the way you dry your hair will decide whether they will look frizzy or not! Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair when wet and refrain from brushing it later.

What Is Your Product?

However good it sounds, air-drying alone is not possible to get the natural waves you covet, and you will definitely need a mousse to set and style your hair so that it stays the way you want a tad bit longer. Since very few hair textures will look fabulous with air-drying alone, the use of a suitable product is a must to get maximum effect. Using a dryer or a curler is definitely more time consuming than just applying a product anyway! So, put in a little effort and get that volumising spray or leave-in conditioner for beautiful waves

Air-Dry Your Hair

Use a little bit of argan or coconut oil to seal the cuticles, tone down the frizz, and enhance your natural waves. While imparting a clean and fresh smell to your hair, the oil has its perks as it works great when you use it as a spritz on the roots after your hair has dried out for that extra lift and smoothness.

What’s Your Style?

While some may love the result given by braiding, you can also go for the bun on your damp hair if braiding is not your style. Also, your hair will get the shape you leave them in to dry so touching the hair after using the product is a big NO.

Depending on whether your hair is short or long, you might want to experiment with different number of braids in different sections of your hair to know what suits you and to discover the type of waves or curls you can achieve.

Hair Braids Advice

To achieve the desired textures, you might want to twist sections of your hair after using the product when your hair is damp, and then running your fingers through them. Follow this by a thicker styling cream, and voila!

End It With Some Serum

Apply just a bit of hydrating serum to the ends (as they are prone to dryness and breakage) to define the curls and avoid frizz. Also, use a sea-salt spray for hydration and texture, and to tame unruly flyaways.

Frizz Free Hair Tips

Enhancing your waves by defining and controlling them is easy once you get the hang of it. Whilst it might take some time to get the technique up your sleeve, it will come in handy and you might get used to stepping out more confidently with frizz-free hair. So do the needful to your damp hair and… let air do the rest!

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