Winter Special Makeup Tips

The chilly months of winter can be extremely crucial for your skin. However, these months also bring along a vast range of luscious tones that might be too dark to wear during summers. Keeping your skin soft and supple to wear makeup is highly important. Dry, flaky skin remains a persistent problem all through winter. To combat this, keep yourself hydrated all day long and wear the right moisturizer to keep the hydration intact.

We have listed below all the necessary tips that will come to your rescue during winter.

Proper Moisturizing Is Necessary

Moisturize Before Makeup

Moisturizer plays a great role in the process of applying makeup. Before putting on makeup, make sure you use a good moisturizer that suits your skin. The moisturizer will help you get rid of the dryness, and in turn provide a smooth layer for applying your makeup products.

Choose Proper Shades of Lipsticks

Pick the Right Lip Color

Red is an absolute hit during wintertime. Even if you find it too bold to wear round the year, winter brings you the opportunity to experiment with a variety of shades of red. Regardless of your skin tone, you can never go wrong with shades of red, dark pink, and burgundy.

While dark lipsticks look particularly good on pale and light complexions, women with tanned or dark skin can opt for shades of deep palms, warm reds, and berries during winter. For women with an olive skin tone, the shades of nude, orange, pink, and red can be perfect. Also, make sure you use a coordinating lip liner to complete the look.

Choosing the right shade of lipstick that suits your complexion and is a hit during wintertime can be a task. In such cases, opting for a simple lip gloss in shades of pink and nude can come in handy during winter. The moisture present in the gloss will not only give a shiny finish to your lips, but will also keep them hydrated. It is recommended to apply a lip balm before wearing lipstick during winters.

Choose the Right Eyeliner and Mascara

Choosing Eyeliner and Mascara

Fight the dullness of winter by highlighting your eyes using various shades of liners and mascaras. If you have always wished to wear bold shades like blue, green, and purple, then winter is the time to get them on. You can also opt for shades of burgundy, navy, and auburn. The trick of wearing eye makeup during winter is to ‘not overdo it’. Wearing eyeliner in shades of blue coupled with clear or black mascara will make your eyes look alluring in a subtle way.

Shimmery shades of eyeliners also work best during winter. However, in order to complement this look, go for a nude or a light lipstick. Smokey eyes too look great in winters. Flaunting what suits you the best is the key to wearing eye makeup during winters.

Choose the Right Eyeshadow

How to Pick Eyeshadow Color

A silver eyeshadow looks great during winter. To highlight your eyes the right way, opt for an eyeshadow in shades of silver and white, complemented with a soft black liner for a contrasting effect. You can complete the look with a bold red lipstick. To flaunt a sultry look at a party, choose an eyeshadow in shades of dark brown and cinnamon.

Choose the Right Blush

How To Choose The Right Blush

A small about of bronzer on the cheeks is perfect to flaunt during winter. It will not only make you look lovely, but will also perfectly complement your winter attire. For an evening look, you can use a creamy blusher and a complementing eyeshadow.

Nail It!

Prettiest Winter Nail Polishes

Nails play a great role in amplifying your overall look. Choosing the right shade of nail polish during winter is very important. Dark shades of purple, blackberry, burgundy, copper, and navy blue look great during winters. However, make sure that your nails are well trimmed and filed for a neat look.

Now that you are well aware of wearing the right makeup for winters, go ahead and start stacking the products. Avoid wearing cakey foundations, as there is a higher chance of them wearing off easily due to the cold weather outside. Just remember, keeping it simple, subtle, and neat is the key to wearing makeup the right way.

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