How to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day

Indian weddings have always been the most celebrated events revolving around a dozen cultural ceremonies with lavish decorations and feasting extravaganza. And of course, being the bride who wouldn’t want to steal the show! So, skin care is one thing that cannot be overlooked. That perfectly maintained canvas will help you sweep through those innumerable functions with the photo-perfect look you desire, be it your favourite fairy-tale character or Bollywood actress or in the rarest of cases the casual and flamboyant you. A healthy and supple glowing skin amidst all the stress and hush gush is difficult but not unachievable. Here are a few pointers that will help you perk up your skin for the BIG day.

Healthy lifestyle: As the saying goes, “You Are What You Eat”. So eat wisely.
Eat less CRAP
C: Carbonated drinks,
R: Refined sugar,
A: Artificial sweeteners and colours,
P: Processed foods

Eating For Beauty


Eat More FOOD
F: Fruits and veggies,
O: Organic and lean proteins,
O: Omega3 fatty acids,
D: Drink lots of water.

Eat More Foods for Healthy Skin


Once your food goals are set, take a step ahead and indulge in yoga. Yoga offers a plethora of advantages which include a soft, supple, and glowing well-toned face that’s sure to allure. A healthy lifestyle change starting at least six months prior to the wedding will go a long way and let you discover your true beauty.

Take Expert Help: Do not ignore skin problems like acne, spots, and hyperpigmentation. They may mar the efforts of the make-up artist. A dermatologist will address the root cause of the problem and help to deal with them through a variety of medicines and topical ointments. These days, innovative chemical peels, and skin exfoliation treatments are available that help brings out that ceremonial glow.

Skin Care Regime: A religiously followed skin care regime involving the daily cleanser, toner, and moisturizer can work miraculous wonders for your skin. In today’s jet paced life we tend to overlook these simple tasks. Choosing the right products according to the skin type is important to get good results. A complexion lightening and revitalizing night serum works like a magic wand all night long. Don’t miss it! Wearing a sunscreen when stepping out helps keep tanning at bay. A gentle scrub at least twice a week is advisable. Plan out regular facials with your aesthetician. These days there is a greater bend towards herbal products as they are chemical free and a have long-lasting effect. Fresh fruit facials through the last week before the wedding can help you effectively deal with puffy eyes and dull complexion as a result of those late night parties.

Daily Skin Care Routine


Hands, Legs, and Other Body Parts: Well, although the face is the most visible part on your wedding day, you cannot ignore taking care of your hands, legs, and other body parts. The waxing of hands and legs should be carefully planned and they need to be prim and proper with regular manicures and pedicures. Nobody wants rough elbows! These can be softened by regular scrubbing and moisturizing. The heels and toes also need scrubbing with pumice stone and daily moisturizing. Now comes the neck and décolleté area. This often ignored area of our body demands good amount of attention in case you are planning to wear that dazzling gown or a low-neck dress. A full body spa and bleach prior to the wedding is also a good idea as it de-stresses the body skin while leaving it soft and luminous.

Waxing for Wedding


Lippy Care: You need to maintain that charming smile throughout the evening greeting guests and family members. This would require your lip to be supple and healthy. Exfoliate and moisturize lips as a part of your skincare routine. Grab the vitamin E stick off the counter of your local chemist. Use it daily and you are done.

Lip Care Tips


As you indulge in all the skin-pampering treatments, do keep in mind to avoid usage of any new products a week before the wedding date. There’s always a risk of allergies and any precarious hassles. Apart from this, stay assured. Just follow the above-mentioned tips, and you are in for a wonderful experience and memories that would be cherished for eons to come.

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