Mehendi Styles for the Bride

Mehendi mania strikes the entire family as soon the date of marriage draws near. The tradition of beautifying hands and legs with intricate mehendi designs has prevailed since times immemorial. This intricate art has evolved over centuries to become more versatile and adaptable for all occasions. Every would-be bride has mehendi on her list and elaborate preparations are made as mehendi application takes the form of an important social custom characterized by a grand event full of dancing, singing, fun, and galore.

The traditional intricate mehendi designs are now a passe. The Arabic Henna designs, which were prevalent in the recent past have now fused with Indian designs to give the Indo-Arabic fusion exhibiting a domination of eye-catchy flowers and roses intertwined with leaflets and graceful swirls. Then there is Iranian henna which has a milder setting. Colored henna and black henna, made with artificial colours, are especially for those who would like to explore new themes. So, you have the liberty to choose from a plethora of options. Check out the pictures that follow to find out the one that appeals the most!

Intricate designs: The traditional intricate designs are still a favourite among brides when it comes to wedding functions. Intricate designs are applied right up to the arm on both sides of hands and half way up the shin on both legs. The designs mainly consist of variations of paisleys combined with bold, dark flowers detailed with fine curves and arches that are elaborate enough to behold even a passing gaze. Though they require a high level of expertise and may be quite time consuming, the final outcome is absolutely stunning. Some brides also enjoy getting their would-be husband’s name incorporated in the designs and then having them locate the name amidst the designs. These create wonderful memories that last a life time.

Intricate Designs

Intricate Mehndi Designs for Hands


Another variation of the intricate theme is even more elaborate. It features the bride and the bridegroom drawn in hearts or in the traditional ‘doli’ (palenquin) ,the graceful peacock accentuated with beautiful patterns, dholaks, elephants, and baaraaatis( marriage procession). All these motifs glowing in a reddish-brown tint make for a royal appeal. These motifs are interspersed with chequered bands and graceful curves to make the motifs distinguishable.

The Indo Arabic Concept: This concepts is the most preferred these days not only for the ease of application but also the enhanced tint of colour it gives. It mostly comprises of a band of large, showy flowers and paisleys made with thick borders and shaded on the inside. This is really artistic and appeals to those who prefer large showy designs. The empty space left around makes the design stand out gorgeously.

Indo Arabic Mehendi Designs

Indo Arabic Mehndi Henna Designs

The Colorful Glitter Mehendi: This concept is mostly favoured by the adventurous young brides who want to mesmerize the spectators with glam and glitter. This design involves outlining the mehendi designs with a black mehendi cone and then filling the motifs with colourful glitter. The colours are chosen according to the bride’s ensemble and add to the grandeur of the event. This versatile method is quick to do and lasts till the end of the event after which it can be washed off. So, those of you who dislike the aroma and fading out of the traditional henna, this is just for you!

Mandala Style Mehendi: A design with a modern twist is the Mandala design that features a large circular mandala in the centre, replete with tiny petals and leaves. Graceful swirls around it and tiny motifs decorating the fingers offer an elegance that would appeal to a sober taste. Similar designs are also done on the feet too to complete the bridal look and feel.

Mandala Style Mehendi


Mandala Bridal Henna Designs


The grandeur that an amber red mehendi design offers is undisputable. As you explore the options to choose from, be assured that whatever you choose, it’s sure to behold the gaze of admiring eyes. Do make sure you book a professional mehendi artist well in advance as they are very much in demand these days. The sophisticated designs, the colour and praises, and the photographs all go in to create those once in a lifetime memories and make your wedding the most celebrated event of a woman’s life.

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