Daily Make-Up Tips for Office

How much is too much? Wearing the right kind and the right amount of make-up in a corporate environment is still a big dilemma for us ladies. On one hand, too much in-your-face make-up will be frowned up in a professional environment while on the other, you don’t want to look frumpy or dowdy with a no make-up face too!

Read along to find out how to strike the right balance and learn to look stylish at work without piling on too much or too less office make-up.

  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Beauty starts with a clear, flawless skin, and cleansing is the first and the foremost step towards achieving that. Cleansing helps remove dirt, oil and other unwanted debris from the skin. Regular cleansing will result in a radiant and healthy skin, thus forming the perfect base for applying make-up. So, it is very important to cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying any make-up product.

Daily Makeup tips

  1. Opt for long-lasting/water proof products

No one wants to flaunt a Halloween look at work, especially during monsoon or summers. To save the trouble of constant touch-ups, opt for long-lasting products. The products you choose are certainly going to stand the test of time, thus it would be wiser to go for a waterproof eye-liner instead of a regular one. Similarly, if you have meetings lined up, there won’t be any time for a touch-up, in this case a long-lasting foundation and lipstick will be your saviours.

Daily Makeup Tips

  1. Brighten your eyes

Eyes are undoubtedly your most defining feature; hence to prep them up the right way is quite an art. Adding an extra oomph factor to the eyes is going to instantly amp up your overall office look. The trick to applying eye make-up for work is to keep it subtle, yet defining. Opt for nude shades of eye-shadows and a jet black or brown eye-liner. Conceal your dark circles by using a non-cakey concealer, and most of all, get a good night’s sleep.

Eye Makeup Tips

4. Go for lighter lipstick shades

A neutral pink or peach lipstick will not only add elegance to your look, but will also team up well with your formal attire. A simple tinted or nude lip gloss works wonders too! Choose a hydrating, matte lipstick that suits your skin tone, but while doing so make sure it is in a lighter shade. Avoid using a shimmery lip gloss as it will draw all the attention to your lips and will result in a complete faux pas at work.

Makeup tips for Lips

  1. Keep it Simple

Lastly, the real secret to rock your office make-up look is to keep it simple. Wear make-up to accentuate your beauty and feel confident, and not just to hide your flaws. A heavy make-up look at work can be a turn-off, however a subtle version of it can make you stand out. Also, the right make-up look, coupled with well-groomed eyebrows and a neat hairstyle, will surely make you look your best.

Makeup tipsNow that you ladies have a better understanding of how to deck up for work, go ahead and try it out!

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