Monsoon Skincare Tips

While the monsoons conjure up joyful images of refreshing rains, a hot cup of tea, and lush greenery, it also spells doom for your skin unless you take good care. The humidity in the air could make your skin too oily or dry and could clog pores, which in turn could lead to acne or bacterial infections. To maintain healthy skin during the rains, check out these simple tips and tricks.

Use Sunscreen

If you think that just because the sun is behind the clouds it cannot damage your skin then think again! Despite heavy cloud cover, the sun still emits harmful UV rays that cause wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation. Apply a sunscreen with a high SPF at least 15 minutes before leaving your house for the best effect.



Waterproof Makeup

As humidity is at its peak during the monsoons, your oily and sweaty skin will lead to smudged makeup. To make sure your makeup stays all day, invest in waterproof products this monsoon. Go for lightweight gel-based products rather than heavy cream-based ones to avoid smearing your makeup. A few light touch-ups and your makeup should last you a long time.



Wax Regularly and Get Mani-Pedis Done

Sloshing around on muddy roads during the monsoons combined with excess humidity make you prone to infections, especially under your nails. Moreover, allowing your body hair to grow too long could trap more bacteria and debris, making you vulnerable to infections. This is why waxing regularly and getting manicures and pedicures during the rains is so vital. Waxing and mani-pedis help remove dead skin and dirt, keep your nails clean, and hydrate your skin to ensure that it stays silky, healthy, and soft.






Exfoliate Often

To prevent build-up from causing acne or rashes, remove dead skin cells with the help of regular exfoliation. A gentle scrub applied at least twice a week will help keep your skin clean and smooth by buffing away all the build-up. The gentle scrubbing action also promotes the proper flow of blood, which could aid in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.



Use Warm Water

The high levels of moisture could cause your skin to become oily and attract more dirt. The build-up clogs pores and cleansers will be unable to clean deeply. The lotions and creams you use will also not penetrate your skin deeply, and instead, they will simply add to the build-up. Using warm water on your face will help reduce excess production of oil and open your pores, thus enabling you to deep clean your skin.



Stay Hydrated

If you suffer from dry, chapped, or flaky skin, then getting drenched in the rain will only increase your problem. The best way to remedy this is by staying hydrated with at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Avoid consuming too many cups of tea or coffee, as they work to remove water from your body. Besides drinking water, you could up your intake and stay hydrated by having hot, comforting soups. Make sure you use a moisturizer during the day and every night before you sleep to keep your skin supple.


The best part about these tips is that they apply to almost any skin type. So, make use of these tips to enjoy the monsoon without losing your skin’s natural healthy glow!

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