Top 8 Styles to Drape your Saree

Traditional and elegant, sarees are a must when you’re attending weddings, family functions, and soirees. Whether you choose to wear a saree with minimal motifs or one with heavy work, you can choose to drape it in different styles to give you a fashionable look. If you’re not confident about draping your saree well, head to a salon and get an expert to dress you in these trendy styles.

Nivi Style

A classic, quick, and easy way of draping a saree, the Nivi style is also known as “ulta pallu”. As it lends you a professional look, this style is perfect for office functions, poojas, and other formal functions. Tuck one end of the saree in front of your matching petticoat, drape it around your waist, and then cover your left shoulder. Make six or seven pleats and tuck them in well at the front of your petticoat, and do the same for the pallu.

Front Pallu Style

Also known as seedha pallu, this style puts the pallu in the limelight, so you need to pick a saree with pretty, intricate work or one with a heavy border. To perfect this look, drape the saree around your waist as usual and tuck in pleats at the centre of your petticoat. Next, take one end of the pallu and turn it around your body under your arms. You can either pleat the pallu or leave it open, and bring it around to your front for a traditional yet chic look.

Open Pallu Style

If your saree has a gorgeous pallu that is bedecked with sequins or other work, then it is better to leave it open. This look is easy, as all you have to do is drape your saree the standard way and toss the pallu over your left shoulder without pleating it. Secure the pallu to your blouse using a pin to make sure it stays in place.

Dhoti Style

If you’re looking to make a strong fashion statement, then dhoti style is the way to go! Choose a solid colour saree, a modern blouse, and a pair of lycra tights. First, drape the saree around your lower waist, leave about 1.5 m at the non-pallu end, overlap the two ends and pin them at the centre. Fold the pallu into pleats and throw it over your shoulder. For the dhoti part, you need to take the 1.5 m part that you left aside, pleat it, take it between your legs, and tuck it at the back.

Pant Style

Look glamorous at any party by draping your saree in this trendy Indo-Western style. Instead of a petticoat, wear a pair of leggings under your saree. Pleat the pallu end and throw it over your left shoulder, and then drape the other end around your waist and tuck it in. Now all you have to do is to pleat the saree at front and tuck it into your leggings.

Mumtaz Style

Inspired by Mumtaz, the iconic heroine of the 80s who wore her saree this way in the hit song “Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche”, this style never goes out of fashion! Get this retro look by snugly wrapping the saree several times around the lower part of your body to create lovely layers. The tightly layered look is sure to flatter your figure and give you a more slender silhouette.

Lehenga Style

If you are torn between wearing a lehenga and a saree for a function, then get the best of both worlds by draping a saree in this style! Rather than purchasing a pre-stitched lehenga saree, you can drape a regular saree this way. Just create several pleats using the pallu and then tuck them around your waist for an appealing look.

Mermaid Style

Similar to the Mumtaz and lehenga style, this lovely Mermaid look shows off your curves. The difference is that in a Mermaid look, you do not need to pleat the saree at the front. Moreover, leave the pallu hanging in a way that it falls 4 inches short of the ground. As this draping style highlights the pallu, choose a saree with a broad pallu that is adorned with heavy work.


Now that you know so many different draping styles, bring out the fashionista in you different draping styles and try them out at functions to look beautiful and unique.

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