9 Styling Tips For Celebrity-Style Curly Hair

We know how difficult it is to manage and style curly hair. The frizz never seems to calm down.

Humidity and the rain makes it even worse. Remember Monica’s hair in Friends, when she goes to Barbados? That’s how our hair becomes, quite literally.

On a bad day, you might think it’s a curse to have been born with curly hair. However, with a little care and time, you can make a great hairstyle out of those beautiful curls. There’s a reason people are jealous of your hair, after all!

Here are some tips on managing and styling your curls.

Tip 1: When Oily Is A Good Thing


Curly and frizzy hair is naturally dry. That is why it’s so important for you to apply oil on your hair strands on a periodic basis.

If you don’t like applying oil, wash your hair less frequently. Let the natural oils nourish your hair—tame the frizz au naturel!

  1. Wash Your Hair With Cold Water


Heat will only increase the frizz, so avoid using hot water to wash your hair. Instead, use cold water. As a bonus, this will also bring a shine to your mane.

  1. Get A Chic Haircut


Get your haircut the right way, and you’ll see a world of difference. Discuss what you want, and what would look good on you, with your stylist. Cut your hair in a way that will suit your face shape and hair texture.

Pro tip: you can get a pixie cut to look downright adowable!

  1. Highlight Those Curls


You need to embrace your natural curls, and see them for the blessing they are. Ever seen how many people head to the salons just to curl their hair? You don’t have to spend thousands to get the look these folks would kill for!

Make your curls stand out by highlighting them in a slightly lighter shade than your natural hair colour. Trust me, your hair is going to look gorgeous.

  1. Start From The Bottom…


Always comb your hair starting from the bottom. This way, you can detangle your hair easily.

I have curly hair, so trust me when I say you’ll be in “hair hell” if you comb from the top. Sometimes, it may take you a quarter of an hour just to detangle those curls.

  1. Do The Bun, Ladies!


Tie up your hair into a bun to manage those curls. You won’t have to fuss over your hair anymore!

  1. Tie It Into A Ponytail


You can tie your hair, and let those curls dangle down. Loosen some curls in the front to get a messy cute look. This is an effortlessly cool hairstyle for the curly-haired girls; voluminous curls dangling in the air, that’s how you style your hair!

  1. Air Dry Your Hair


Never use heat to dry your hair if you have curly hair. Let it dry on its own.

As we already spoke about, heat will only make your hair more unmanageable.

  1. Braid It


If you want to concentrate on your work without letting your curls mess with you, go with the braiding style. With the sheer abundance of braiding styles available today, you can look absolutely fabulous! Choose from the fishtail, Dutch, French, and waterfall braids, and many more. You can also combine a number of these styles together to create a new look. With the braid, you can never go wrong!

Take a look at Daenerys’ hair if you want more braiding ideas: you go, Khaleesi!

I know it’s so much easier to have a bad hair day when you have curly hair. However, if you see it from a different perspective, you know it is a gift. Use those gorgeous curls to your advantage. Flaunt it! Let those curls dance in the air!

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