10 Beauty Do’s And Don’ts For The Bride-To-Be

You’ve probably been taught to idealize marriage as the day your life turns around. That may or may not be true, but these beauty tips will definitely help your skin turn over a new leaf!

If you’re an excited bride-to-be, you’re probably also under a lot of stress; this is one of the few times in life where you’re immensely happy and awfully stressed, simultaneously. But remember, stress spells bad news for your skin.

Let’s take that stress off you! Here are a few tips that don’t require any extra work, but still give you that perfect bridal glow.

The Do’s

  • Aim For An All-Natural Look


It doesn’t matter what kind of make-up you’re going for, make sure the look you’re going for is natural, because you’re already going to be all decked up in bridal finery.

There’s nothing more beautiful than having the bride look au naturel, so the bridal dress stands out. Since your dress is already going to be bright and encrusted with shine, you want to balance out the make-up in whichever way possible.

  • Begin A Skin And Hair Care Routine


This should be done at least a month or so before the wedding.

This way, all the stress and make-up won’t severely damage your skin. Besides, all the heating tools you’re going to be putting on your hair aren’t going to do you good. Make sure you have healthy skin and conditioned hair before you subject it to mandatory torture on your big day!

  • Go In For Waterproofing


This holds especially true in the case of eye makeup!

The wedding season in India isn’t always in the best of seasons, and you don’t want to leave your makeup at the mercy of the weather. Besides, if you’re going to be shedding a tear or two, it’s best that these don’t ruin your look.

  • Carry Lots Of Back-Up


Carry pressed powder, a lipstick, and oil-blotting paper with you, or keep someone nearby who will have these things at hand. This way, touch ups will be faster and easier, while also not looking overdone and unflattering.

Pick A Flattering Hair-Do


Yes, that chignon bun probably does look very beautiful on that model, but here’s a loving truth bomb: you aren’t that model.

Make sure to try out different hairstyles, but go for one with the least hassle and most staying power, since you won’t be having any time for touch-ups on your hair.

The Don’ts

  • Even So Much As Look At Booze


This don’t isn’t quoted nearly as many times as it should be!

Alcohol seems like the best idea in the world when you’re under so much stress, but this is the most important don’t on this list. You simply do not want to be anything less than a 100% sober, especially on the day of your wedding.

Yes, however tempting that glass of bubbly may seem!

  • Try Out Something New On Your Big Day


Yes, it might seem like that new foundation you just saw will brighten your skin, or those latest falsies seem like they’ll make your eyes look bigger, but that isn’t such a good idea. There’s plenty of time to try that new shampoo you so badly love and your wedding day isn’t one of those times.

  • Get Any Last-Minute Routine


As a general rule of thumb, make sure that you don’t get any facial, waxing, cutting, or colouring done two or three days before your wedding. Both you and your skin need time to get used to any changes, do not compromise on that.

  • Use Too Many Products


The aim is to look good but, more importantly, to maintain health and not cause too much damage. Your health yes, but your hair and your skin need the same attention. Don’t use too many heating products on your hair and too much of unnecessary product on your face a couple hours before the wedding.

  • Think This Is The End Of Life As You Know It


Remember: this is one day, and you can make it as beautiful as you like.

But this isn’t the only day of the rest of your life; you’re starting a whole new journey. Your makeup and hair might make you feel good at your wedding, but the marriage ahead is the best source of your glow!

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