The 4 Types Of Waxing You Can Get In Salons

Waxing has become incredibly popular over the years, and for good reason.

It’s a great way to remove unwanted body hair, and keep your skin looking smooth and attractive. But before you go rushing to the salon to book an appointment, you should know about the types of waxing that salons typically offer.

Each treatment differs in its methodology and targeted area.

Waxing Type #1: Cold Waxing

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When you think of waxing, you probably picture hot wax covering your bodies. But there are also cold waxing methods, which can be used to somewhat offset the pain that you may feel.

In the cold waxing method, a semi-solid form of wax is already applied to the strips that will be placed on your skin.

When the strips are pressed against the skin, they are done so in a way that is against the growth of the hair. This helps give the wax strips a strong hold on the skin when they are pulled out.

One of the many advantages of cold waxing is the fact that it is effective from the first application. You won’t need repeated sessions to see a change—this means that you can save a lot on continuous treatments.

Another advantage is that it’s generally less painful than hot waxing methods, which take a while to get accustomed to.

Waxing Type #2: Hot Waxing

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As the name suggests, hot waxing is a method where hot wax is applied on the body, before a strip is applied and the hair is removed. This is the most prevalent form of waxing there is, and for good reason.

One of the many advantages of hot waxing is that you can see very accurate results, making this an ideal method for small areas like eyebrows.

Another advantage is that you can see instant results with just one application. It doesn’t have to be repeated, unlike other forms of hair removal such as electrolysis and shaving.

Waxing Type #3: Soft Waxing

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This is another method of waxing that a number of salons offer. As the name suggests, soft waxing is a method used when the wax is soft. It can be used with both cold and hot waxing methods. After applying it on your skin, it is promptly covered with a muslin cloth and left to dry. After that, the strip is removed, thereby removing the hair.

This method is more suitable for large areas of skin like the legs and hands.

Waxing Type #4: Hard Waxing

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Here’s what’s great about hard waxing: you don’t need specific cloths to remove it. The hard wax is melted and applied on the skin where the hair needs to be removed. After it dries, the wax is peeled off using your fingers.

It’s important to ask what kind of hard wax the salon will be using. High quality hard wax will not stick to skin, making removal much easier.

Other than this, specific procedures of waxing are also available in salons, like bikini waxes, Brazilian waxes, and Hollywood waxing. There are even waxing procedures available that cater specifically to men.

Waxing can seem like a scary procedure, since the common rumour around it is that it is painful. Although there will be a bit of pain, as time progresses, your hair will thin out, and that makes subsequent waxing a lot more tolerable.

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