Shape Of Your Nails Matters Too! Read On To Pick Your Fav.

Getting a manicure by your favorite manicurist is a relaxing half-hour experience, which you don’t want disturbed with overwhelming decision-making. While you sit in your armchair and get your hands massaged, you can’t to be troubled about picking options for the mani-pedi, but would like some quiet time.

Now that the art of nude nails and coloured nails has been mastered, the next manicure decision you will face is of picking the perfect nail shape. It is essential that your freshly-manicured nails have a suitable shape to flaunt until your next salon visit. Read through these different nail shapes, pick one before the session starts, and enjoy the final look.

Almond-shaped nails

A famous pick for celebrities, almond nails gives a slender look to the sides and a wide look for the base. This forms a small peak, which resembles an actual almond. While keeping your nails strong, it is a good choice to show off any finger jewelry.

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Oval nails

Similar to almond-shaped nails, oval nails have a soft tip that is blunter than the almond. This is a more utilitarian shape since it is the least prone to breakage while performing daily activities.  If you are a nail biter, it is advisable not to get oval- or almond-shaped nails, which work better with longer nails.

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Be square and fair

Your nails are shaped into a sharp square, having no soft edges. This is a style that has been seen to go in and out of fashion but is associated with people who love to experiment with beauty and fun fashion looks. Square shaped nails may run the risk of making your hands look slightly stubby, but is perfect for people with shorter nails and long fingers.

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Squoval or a soft square

The shape fits everyone and is basically the marriage between a square an oval nail shape. It is an apt modern choice that is best seen on shorter nails. This is a shape that’s easy to maintain on shorter nails.

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Happy round nails

Quite a favourite nail-shape pick by celebrities and nail enthusiasts, round nails help enhance the look of your fingers. It has stayed a popular choice for decades, with heroines of yesteryears flaunting their long painted nails. With these nails, your fingers and hands look slenderer and elongated.

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Fancy stiletto nails

You can call this shape a ladylike nail shape with an edge. The stiletto shape has a more drastic point than the almond nail shape. This one is difficult to acheive with natural nails because they seldom have the required strength to hold the shape. Nail enhancements are better options to carry off this look.

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Coffin nails

The shape is slightly similar to the stiletto nails, but instead off a drastic tip, the nail has a squared-off tip. This provides a coffin-like look or, to make it sound less macabre, looks like a ballerina slipper. Coffin nails are a favourite among celebrities and individuals who want to try something radically different. Less tapering is advisable if you are looking to enhance the attractive look. Nude coffin nails are considered to be super chic and classy.

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For those who bite their nails or cut them short, some of these shapes might not work out. To help with healthy nail growth, you can ask your nail technician for tips on growing them out.

Tip: Put some cuticle oil at night to provide moisture to your nails, so they stay strong and grow long. Use gel manicures as well to help grow out your nails into natural accessories that can be painted regularly.

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